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Makassar Travel Tips dari

Petepete konon berarti uang recehan. Itulah nama angkutan kota ketika masih dibayar dengan uang koin. Sekarang, tarif sudah mahal, Rp 2.000. Jadi mestinya namanya berubah menjadi?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Makassar Travel Tips

Left: Pete-pete, is a name of public trans. Photo: By Pieter. C. (Glassnet Collection.)
About the People
If you hear people screaming something that sounds like"Hello Chick-a-lee!", don't be alarmed. This is just a very friendly local greeting used between relatives.

One of the first questions people ask here is "Where are you staying". Though this doesn't necessarily mean they will go looking for you, if you are uncomfortable giving out your hotel and room number, it's better to make something upthan to give an indefinite answer. Since it's normal for Indonesians to immediately give their address and telephone number to people they meet, this question will be repeated until the full answer is given.

About the Transportations
Tipping is not customary in taxis, but the fares are usually rounded up to the nearest Rp. 1000. If you ask your taxi driver to make a few stops and wait for you, it's normal to add another Rp. 5000 to the fare.

Share your experiences
If you have opinions, stories to tell, suggestions, tips to share for other fellow travelers. Or even critizisms and complainments about the services. Let us know, send your messages to

General Informations
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Indonesia is the world's largest coral reef nation, with over 50 000 square kilometers of reefs (17 percent of the world total), extending nearly 5 000 kilometers from east to west, and harboring over 17000 islands (including rocks and sandbanks). More information, click here

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Tribun Timur, Surat Kabar
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